Antique Sewing machine cabinet

Sewing Machine CabinetNot too long ago a customer contacted me about a sewing machine she had. If I recall correctly, she told me it used to belong to her grandmother and over the years someone had painted it an awful yellowish color. When painting the cabinet, they got paint on the sewing machine itself. She asked me if I thought I could refurbish it and restore it to its once beautiful piece of furniture.

I advised her that it would depend on what kind of wood it was made of and what condition it was in. She decided to go ahead with it. We were able to clean all the paint off the sewing machine itself and strip all the paint off the cabinet which reveled striking riff cut red oak cabinet. We made several repairs, stained it a dark walnut and top coated it with a clear polyurethane (the same material used on wood floors).

It was stunning when complete and the customer was thrilled with the result. The newly restored piece became the focal point in her room.