Refurbishing is a step up from a repair.

With a repair, we only work in the local area of the repair and keep it as small as possible to make the repair.

To refurbish a piece, we generally remove all glass, mirrors, hardware, doors, draws, etc. We then clean the entire piece, repair all medium to large dings, dents, and scratches. We leave some of the smaller dings and dents. We leave them for a few reasons:

1. Most of the time the smaller dings and dents are on a corner or an edge and the filler tends not to want to sick real well in those areas.

2. It is nice to leave some of the signs of age and wear, it can add to the charm of the piece.

3. To hold cost down.

Next, we replace or repair any missing pieces or broken parts; this includes glass, drawer fronts, hardware, backs, doors, etc... Then we sand and stain all wooden parts and, if necessary refinish the hardware. Then, it’s the top coat, usually polyurethane for the most durable finish available. Finally, we reassemble everything, clean it up real nice and she’s ready to go home.

Refurbishing furniture
Refurbishing prescott