My idea of restoring something is to take it back to the day when it was new.

In some cases that is possible and in some it is not, therefore we get as close as possible.

Restoring a piece includes everything that we do when we refurbish a piece; however, we take it a couple of steps further.  The small dings and dents that we leave in with a refurbish we will spend more time to get them out. If taking them out means we have sanded too deep and it miss shapes the part, we will replace it.

There are many companies out there that manufacture period correct hardware and other parts so your piece can be brought back and given a new or as close to new as possible look. It is even possible, in many cases, to restore the locks and make them work again. If a lock is too far gone and can’t be rebuilt, we can usually find a reproduction that will work.

Restore antique diningroom
Restore prescott