Who is Bob Blanck?

Bob BlanckPlease allow me to take a moment of your time to introduce myself and to tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Bob Blanck and I started my cabinet making career in July 1965 after serving four years in the Marine Corps. I was taken under the wing of two family members (both master craftsmen) and was taught the skills of cabinet making. After just a few years I had learned my craft well enough to go to work for other local cabinet shops. I spent the next few years learning from other master craftsmen further sharpening and honing my skills. By 1971, I had worked my way up to installer and worked for both custom and production shops.

In 1973, I was laid off and was out of work for several months. Unable to find steady work I decided to open a custom cabinet shop of my own. Although the core of my business has always been custom cabinet making and architectural millwork in the mid-1980’s I decided to expand the business to include home remodeling and home building.

By 1999, my wife’s illness had progressed and made it necessary for me to close the business. From 1999 – 2003, I worked for a company that built a lot of case work for museums among other things. In 2003 & 2004, I worked on the Southern California Mold Team, investigating the cause of water intrusion and mold formation. In 2005, I worked as a “Cat Adjuster”, that is an insurance adjuster that adjusts homes with catastrophic damage caused by a very large storm. By late 2005, my wife could no longer travel so we came home and I built homes in Kern County.

In 2010, my wife passed away. Missing both my wife and my business, I thought starting Artistic Woodworking & Specialties would help.

I am proud to say that I am honest, trust worthy, hardworking and dependable. For these reasons and because I pay very close attention to details and demand high quality of myself and my employees, I feel that you will not be sorry if you decide to do business with A.W.S.

I also enjoy repairing or refurbishing vintage furniture and antiques. We are not looking to fill the demand for “cheapy” work. We don’t need to make every sale that may come along. I am not trying to compete with a Big Box Store. What I am looking for is the perceptive client that understands and desires quality and knows its value.

Thank you sincerely for your time, and for considering Artistic Woodworking & Specialties.