The following pictures are just a few samples. As I find more or take more I will post them here. I have foolishly not taken a lot of before and after photos; I know I should have. If you check out the Photo Gallery area, you will see lots of photos that I have built, repaired, refurbished or repurposed.

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Dbl. Closet Before & After

This customer just wanted to refresh this double closet, we cleaned and refreshed the stain in the outside and applyed wallpaper correct for the era to the inside. What a difference!!!






Banquette table repair

This project was very interesting to me. The table had three huge cracks and many scratches on it. We repaired the cracks sanded the scratches out then we stained and finished the entire banquette, it now has a beautiful long life ahead of it.






Wall Unit Refurbished

This project was from the same customer as the nightstand, below. They had this wallunit (the before pic.) that they had no use for so we rewdorked it into some usefull for them (the after pic.).






Night Stand

A customer bought this nightstand from a local store and wanted the top repaired. They were so happy with the result we have done several other projects for them.






Cane Chair Repair

Cane Chair Repair

This cane chair was one of her favorites but when she used it as a step stool she put her foot through the cane. I'm glade we were able to repair it so she could get her favorite chair back.






Sewing Machine Cabinet

Sewing Machine Cabinet

This sewing machine cabinet took a dramatic change when we stripped the paint off it and re-stained it a walnut color. When we stripped the paint off we discovered the beautiful riff oak (sometimes called tiger oak).  The stain highlighted the grain and gave us this beautiful cabinet that you see now.






Snow Sled

Snow Sled

This snow sled belonged to my customer when he was a boy; even though he took good care of it and it wasn't in too bad of condition Grandma and Grandpa wanted it like new again for their grandson. We were pleased to be able to do it for them; I hope the grand kids have a lot of fun with it.




Figurines on a bench

Figurines on a bench

This figurine belonged to a friend of my customer; it was in my customer care when it broke. So needless to say they were ecstatic when I told them I could fix it.


Serpentine Front Chest

Serpentine Front Chest

The finish on this serpentine front chest was in really bad shape, the lady that bought it loved the style but thought it had too much “Ware and Tear” and asked me if I could “Remove” some of the “Ware and Tear”. I think it turned out perfect; so did she.


Kitchen cabinets refurbished

kitchen cabinets  before & after

This customer was told that these cabinets had to be stripped and refinished, a very expensive process. We were able to restore the finish to like new without the messy and expensive process of stripping and refinishing.


Garden Chair Restored

Refurbished Chair

This garden chair was loved by it's owner. It had special meaning to her, she was very happy that we were able to restore it.

Pie Cabinet Restored

This pie cabinet was built by the owners' grandfather. She loved her grandfather and she loves having this piece restored to remember him by.

Live Edge Table

Krekk Live Edge Table

This live edge table was covered with cracks, we were able to fill the cracks and re-clear coat it for a re-freshed new look.



1800’s chair restored

We stripped, sanded, restained and upholstered the seat to bring this chair back. 

Dining Rm. Table

The owner of this table wanted to sell it but it badly needed refinishing, so she had me refinish it before selling.

Corner Seat Repair

Corner Seat

This corner seat had several large cracks in the seat area, very unsightly. I was able to repair the cracks without a problem. The challenge presented its self in the finishing process. It turned out to require five different colors and shades of color. It took some effort but we nailed it. Whew.

Sm. Entry Table

Entry Table

The owner of this table wanted to give it to her daughter-in-law as a gift but didn't want to give it to her in original sad condition. She asked me to refurbish it and I did. Now she has a beautiful piece to give to her daughter-in-law.

1860’s table repair

1860's Dining Room Table

According to the owner of this dining room table it was built around the 1860's. She has had this table for a very long time and really loved it. She was heart-broken when she discovered the movers had broken it into several pieces. When she came to the shop and saw her table in one piece again she was so happy she decided to have it refinished, ready for many more years of service.

Bamboo moulding repair

Small bamboo box

This small bamboo antique box lost much of its value because of the missing piece of moulding. As you can see I was able to duplicate the missing moulding and restore the value.

Rib moulding repair

Small brown box

This small brown antique box lost much of its value because of the missing piece of moulding. As you can see I was able to duplicate the missing moulding and restore the value.

Harp Frame Repair

The owner of this piece wanted to sell it but the top frame was broken. I repaired it for her, and she was able to sell it.

Dressing Table-1

Make-up Table

This dressing table was really showing its age when I got it. We washed it down with a degreaser, filled several dings (leaving some for patina) and made several repairs. The mirror was completely falling apart; we were able to restore it using all the original pieces. We washed it with a degreaser to remove all wax and oils. Then we sanded it to achieve a smooth finish. We then stained it in its original color. When all that was done we protected this piece with a heavy coat of clear polyurethane then topped it off with a coat of paste wax.

3-Sister’s HiBoy

Before & After for HiBoy

This Hi Boy was brought in for an update. We washed it down with a degreaser, filled several dings and made a few repairs. We then sprayed it with a bonding agent. Then we sanded it to achieve a smooth finish. We then painted it then glazed it. We then refinished the hardware in a bronze. When all that was done we protected this piece with a heavy coat of paste wax.

Casey’s Display Cabinet

 Dresser Display Cab

This was once a dresser that somebody tried to make into something. It was brought into the shop to see if I could do something to make it look better. You be the judge, does it look better?

3-Sisters two chairs

Chairs For Before & After Pge

These chairs came in from a local consignment store to be refurbished. They were in pretty good shape but with a little TLC they now have a new updated look. Some of the joints needed to be tightened and strengthened; I painted them a semi-gloss black and reupholstered the seats harmonize with the local western feel.

Dry Sink

Dry Sink For B&A Pge

This dry sink came in from a local antique store to be refurbished. It was in pretty bad shape but with a little TLC, it now has many years of life left in it. The towel handles were tightened and strengthened, the drawers were strengthened (on one draws a portion of the side had to be replaced), on the exterior, I filled some cracks and refreshed the finish.

Wall Sconces

Candle Holder Before & After

This candle holder was brought to me from a local antique store; it was (somehow) broken. She asked if I could fix it, I responded with my usual reply “I’m willing to try”. I was able to insert a steel pin at the break and epoxy the two pieces back together. It will never break at that spot again.

Antique Clock

Antique Clock

This clock was brought in because a contractor working in her home knocked it over breaking the top half of the crown portion. He attempted to fix it (hoping the homeowner wouldn’t notice) but did a poor job. It was a simple fix and it made all the difference to the appearance of the clock. We also touched up the dings and chips in the finish. This customer only wanted to restore the finish, not the barometer or the thermometer.

Drop Front Desk Refurbished

Dorine's Drop Front Desk

This is a drop front desk that I refurbished. Someone had leaned a bed frame against a nearby wall. It fell on this desk scratching the front. The top was in bad shape having water rings and burn marks; I was able to sand all the imperfections out and restore the desk to near new condition.

6-Panel Door Repaired

6- Paneled Door Repaired

I was told that a renter slammed this door so hard it broke the style off. I was asked if I can fix it; I said not only can I fix it I will put two steel dowels(in the form of 4" screws) through each joint so it will never break again. Two small areas of the panel and the frame detail were missing but I was able to patch and fill those areas so they were virtually unnoticeable.

Desk Top Display Case

Desk Top Display Case

The glass and the door of this display case were broken during shipping. The customer did not want the case refurbished, just repaired. I was able to repair the door and get the lock working again. The radiused glass was way out of the budget so plexiglass was used as a suitable replacement. The patina of this piece was left intact.

Ibis Bird

Ibis Bird

This Ibis bird had very special meaning to its owner; she was very pleased that I was able to fix it for her.

Sm. Table & 2- Stools

I was given a challenge on this project. She said it had been sitting outside in the rain and weather and the top was too far gone. What do you think? Does it look better? — I did not replace the top.

Floral Tabe

Floral Table

Dorine found this frame (Before) in a thrift shop and wanted to do something with it. The after is the result.

Small Display Cabinet

Small Display Cabinet

This display cabinet was found in a thrift shop in Cottonwood. The glass shelves were missing and it had several medium sized areas that were damaged along with several dings and dents though out. I repaired all the damage, replaced the glass shelves and touched up the finish.

Wrench Table

Wrench Table

The base for this table was found at a swap meet in California. I make the top to show off the base.

Gear Table

Gear Table

Again, the base for this table was found at a swap meet in California. I make the top to show off the base.

Headboard Bench

Headboard Storage Bench

This headboard was found in a thrift shop and given a new life and a new use. The top lifts up for access to a huge amount of storage.

Champagne Box Lamp

Champagne Box Lamp

This was an old Champagne shipping box. It was buried under a pile of stuff in a thrift shop. I made the top a little smaller and moved the hinge point to allow storage in the box. This old box was given a new life and a new use, the extra storage is a bonus.