Book Lamp

NAME: Book Lamp

SKU: DA-BL-001

PRICE: $75.00



This unusual, one of a kind lamp is hand made from real books. The small bottle is intended to represent an old time inkwell; the feather represents an old quill (pen). The lamp is turned on and off by twisting the inkwell clockwise.

This beautiful lamp would be a perfect addition to your library, den, family room, or any casual room in your home.

This lamp has no particular theme; the books are general reading books. If you would like a similar lamp with a particular theme please contact me; I will do my best to accommodate you. Some theme suggestions are fishing, baseball, football, tennis, golf, medical, legal, almost any field that have books written about it and we can get something to use on the switch.

Although I can’t guarantee a specific color I can offer a wide variety of colors such as gold, silver, black, white, brown, blue, red, yellow and green. For even more choice most colors can be light, medium or dark. For more information Email me at


The approximant dimensions are:

15-1/2” front to back

11-5/8” left to right

29-3/4” top to bottom





Color — Gold

Item Weight 14.8 – lbs.

Packaging – approx. 5.2 lbs.

Total –20 lbs.

Approx. shipping size 18X18X24