NAME: TV Turn Table

SKU: DA-TT-003

PRICE: $40.00



This turn table allows you to swivel/rotate your TV (or anything you put on it) a full 360°. The swivel mechanism is of the highest quality available; it is 12” round and has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. The deck that the TV sits on is made from ¾” MDF and can support a 91 lb. TV with a base up to 32” wide. If your TV’s base (or legs) is less than 32” wide the swivel can hold more weight. In other words, this turn table will support any screen size TV that has a base of 32” wide or less and weighs 90 lbs. or less. If your TV has a base larger than 32” or weighs more than 90 lbs. email me with your details and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.


NOTE: Edge detail may vary.



The approximate dimensions are:

15” front to back

32” left to right

1-1/2” top to bottom



Can be shipped.