NAME: Tobacco Cabinet

SKU: F-TC-002

PRICE: $ 75.00




I believe this little tobacco cabinet is from around the 1930’s to 1940’s. It was very near the end of its life when I got it. Much of the veneer was delaminating and some were missing. It was so badly warped it wouldn’t sit flat on the floor.

I completely disassembled the cabinet and replaced the back, the rest of the cabinet parts are all original. I repaired the worst of the damage but left some for patina and character. I stripped all the old black and brown paint off and refinished in a similar but lighter finish. I left the copper that lines the inside of the cabinet as is, so as not to take away from its character. To protect the top I added a piece of natural stone that can be removed.




Color — Tan to a darker brown




The approximant dimensions are:


10-1/4” front to back

14-14” left to right

24” top to bottom




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